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Why buy Italian jewels and how to recognize them


Our country boasts many firsts in the goldsmith field: it is in first place for the quantity of production, for the export of jewels, for the number of companies, for the history and tradition of goldsmithing, for quality, technological innovations and skill in design. Furthermore, thanks to the network of highly professional and competent goldsmith shops, Italy holds the record for the purchase of gold jewellery.


Italian law requires the producer to apply a mark representing the fineness of the gold (750) and one describing the manufacturer's identification mark, assigned by the appointed state body, to each gold object.

Therefore, if you buy an Italian jewel, you will find the 750 mark on it, this number identifies the quantity of pure metal present in each jewel, and is expressed in thousandths.


This means that in your jewel out of 1000 parts, 750 are pure gold, while the remaining 250 are other metals such as copper or silver.

The other mark you will find is the identification one, which allows you to determine the origin and the producer through a code assigned by the Italian Metric Office, preceded by a star and combined with the abbreviation of the Italian province in which the company is located.


In many countries around the world the purity of gold is indicated in carats, so our 750 mark is the exact equivalent of 18k.

While for 9k jewels, our equivalent is 375.


So returning to the initial question, as well as always being of high quality, an Italian jewel offers the customer a double protection with the hallmark of the 750 gold fineness and with the mark of the producer, which allows the customer to be able to trace at any time which Italian manufacturer has made the jewel.